Breaking Free: The Incredible Journey of a Chained Dog’s Escape from Starvation and Thirst

Owning a pet is a big responsibility that requires a lot of effort from the owner to take care of it properly. Since pets are living creatures that depend entirely on their owners, it’s up to them to ensure their pet’s safety and welfare. There was an incident where some citizens rescued a dog that was hanging precariously from a balcony. Luckily, the dog was saved before any harm could come to it.

The discovery they made on the balcony was truly shocking, even more so than the tragedy that had occurred. To their dismay, they found a German Shepherd locked up alone on an apartment balcony in Egypt. The dog had been left there for several days with no access to food or water. It was clear that the animal was hungry and desperate, evidenced by its attempted escape through jumping from the balcony. Unfortunately, the poor dog had been tethered by a chain around its neck, making it impossible to break free and leading to it hanging precariously over the edge of the balcony. Even if the chain had not been present, the three-story drop would have resulted in serious injury or death. It was a truly deplorable situation for this innocent creature.

Luckily, a man happened to hear the distressed cries of the German Shepherd and came to the rescue. Despite a neighbor’s previous attempt to save the dog proving unsuccessful, together they were able to successfully bring the animal back up onto the balcony.

As a compassionate onlooker, someone attempted to aid a distressed dog. Upon inspection, the canine had deep cuts on its neck from the tight chain that bound it. Although not life-threatening, the injury was serious. It became evident that the animal had been living under atrocious conditions, with no access to food or water and forced to dwell amidst its own waste.

After being rescued from the balcony where it was living in appalling conditions, the dog was taken to the Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals shelter for proper treatment of wounds and any potential illnesses. Medical professionals provided the necessary care to patch up the injuries and nurse the German Shepherd back to health. Later on, the dog was sent to a new home called Special Needs Animal Rescue Rehabilitation where it was given the name Bella and flown to the United States to live with a loving family that had adopted her. With the care and compassion she received, Bella was able to fully recover from the trauma of her past and live a happy life.

Bella has made a remarkable comeback and is pleased with her newfound family. She has transformed into an amazing companion to her owners and a valuable member of their household.

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